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Drzwi wewnętrzne, drzwi zewnętrzne

WITAN Flooring Centre offers sale and installation of interior and exterior doors. We offer interior rebated and non-rebated doors, fully paneled doors, solid wood doors, perforated chipboard filling doors, HDF and MDF doors, honeycomb core doors. Doors with block frames, regulated rebated and non-rebated frames, and many others. Security doors, anti-burglary doors, with low parameters of heat loss, doors for passive houses, technical doors: fire resistant, garage or warehouse doors. We also sell handles and other door accessories.

Nobody can image a house without doors. Doors give an option for closing particular rooms so that there is a distinction between their purpose and individual functions. They create an acoustic and thermal separation. A barrier for permeating smell and vision. In the sphere of emotions they can express human feelings, giving the sense of freedom and intimacy. Feel welcome to see the whole interior doors offer.

Interior doors

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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, it is said. Colour is significant, but in case of exterior doors next to thermal parameters it is important to pay attention to mechanical durability, number of reinforcements, quality of hinges and locks. Do not let the thief see your house as a weak stronghold. In our offer you will find products of well recognised producers on the market.

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