It can be said that linoleum is the queen among elastic floors. Linoleum consists of a mix of natural components such as: wood and cork flour, linseed oil, colophony, natural jute, which in this case makes the construction of the flooring. An apparent addition to the mix are colorants. When we enter spaces covered with linoleum we are surprised by the aroma of pine trees resin. Although linoleum was invented in the XIX century, it is still used as flooring around the world. It has sustainable functional features, among which worth mentioning are antistatic and bactericidal properties. Linoleum is also used in the furniture industry as a material for linocuts matrix, for hundreds of years capturing interest of artists using the letterpress printing technique. For many years we have been engaged is selling and services connected with wood floors. In our offer we have leading manufacturers of wood floors. Our knowledge and long-term experience will help you in choosing the right parquet for your house or facility.


Poniżej przedstawiamy Twórców, którzy dzisiaj korzystają z tej techniki i odbierają od nas linoleum na matryce.

Sebastian Kubica

Franciszek Nieć

Nasz showroom, przyozdobiony został pracami Sebastiana Kubicy, a kawiarnia LINORYT, jest sygnowana zaprojektowanym przez niego, znakiem graficznym.

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