Panele winylowe LVT

I remember the beginnings. It was in the ’90s. When I saw LVT for the first time, it made a great impression on me, giving the sense of luxury. ARMOURED SCALE 100 (pancerna SCALA 100) with the top layer (warstwa użytkowa) of 1mm cost several tens of Euro, and the sluice-gate price truly widened the definition of LVT - Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Nowadays LVT flooring is an ocean of possibilities. Vinyl manufacturers race inventing new solutions in constructing both the bottom and the top layer. The end of it is that the quality of products grows systematically because who does not develop stays behind. What visible for the eye: colour, structure, the look of wood or stone imitate nature more and more making the kind of flooring one steps on impossible to discern, even for the best experts. LVT floor is non-absorbent becoming useful both in the bedroom as well as in the bathroom. Being very thin LVT creates minimum warmth resistance due to which it is a great solution for the underfloor heating. Feel welcome to see the whole LVT offer.

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